80% Cocoa Milk Chocolate from Madagascar


This 80% cocoa milk chocolate is made from rare Madagascan cocoa beans with a creamy, fruity flavour and fine texture that just melts in the mouth.

It is very low in sugar and high in antioxidants.


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Grand Cru de Sambirano cocoa beans are crafted into this 80% cocoa milk chocolate in Madagascar. This chocolate only contains 6% added sugar, making a total sugar content of 11% including the sugars naturally occurring in the beans.  A  gorgeous chocolate in itself, and a better choice for those requiring a low sugar chocolate.

We don’t normally think of chocolate as being high in fibre, but this chocolate contains the same amount of fibre per 100g as Weetabix!

Cocoa content 80% minimum

Milk solids 14%

10% fibre, 13% protein. 58% fat.

Soya and gluten free.  May contain traces of cashew nuts.

e40g  bagged.


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