Chocolate Experiences make lovely gifts for any occasion, and we have three types of voucher to choose from: Workshop Vouchers, Masterclass Vouchers and Love Chocolate Vouchers. 

Workshop Vouchers

These Vouchers can be purchased for children, adults or families. You can choose between specific activities or a set length of time where the participants can choose their preferred activities.  Activities include:

  • Hand rolled truffles
  • Filled chocolates
  • Chocolate Bars
  • Chocolate Pizza
  • Chocolate Lollipops
  • Chocolate Painting
  • Chocolate Modelling
A bar making workshop

Masterclass Vouchers

With a Masterclass Voucher you choose the duration of the class and the participant can choose the content of the class when they book the session. We will discuss the options with them when they contact us to book and tailor the session accordingly. 

Masterclasses can include:

  • A brief introduction to how chocolate is made
  • Making a chocolate sample from roasted beans
  • A chocolate tasting
  • Making and flavouring ganache
  • Learning how to use a mould in chocolate making
  • Learning how to make piped and moulded chocolates
  • Hand rolling and dipping truffles
  • Tempering chocolates
  • Chocolate skills for cakes
  • Cake making skills
  • Chocolate sculpture techniques
  • Chocolate painting techniques

It is possible to purchase a masterclass for more than one person, and the participant can extend the voucher or number of participants themselves if they wish to by paying the relevant extra fees.  Masterclasses can be booked to last from two hours up to a day. 

Masterclasses are available for adults and teenagers.

It is possible to add refreshments such as lunch, afternoon tea, chocolate fondue, ice cream, cake and hot chocolate to both workshops and masterclasses.

Love Chocolate Vouchers

Do you want to  give chocolates but are unsure what to choose?  Would you prefer the recipient to have a choice between a making experience or an eating experience? Then a Love Chocolate Voucher is the one for you. 

Unlike the masterclass and workshop vouchers, Love Chocolate Vouchers display a face value.  They are available in denominations from £15 – £100 and can be exchanged as payment for  chocolates or put towards workshops and birthday parties.

All vouchers are valid for 9 months from purchase.

Vouchers are normally emailed to you for you to print out or forward to the recipient.  If you prefer we can post one in a card to you for a small extra fee.


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