If you are looking for an exciting way to introduce your pupils to chocolate in the curriculum we can provide it.  We offer an interactive talk and demonstration which we can tailor to meet your requirements.  Topics we can cover include: 

  • The history of chocolate, from Mayans and Aztecs to the present day
  • The science of chocolate
  • How chocolate is grown and made
  • Fair trade and similar schemes
  • Pairing chocolate with different flavours
  • Making different items from chocolate

We bring cocoa pods and beans for the children to handle, chocolate for tasting, and pictures to pass round.  We always temper chocolate and demonstrate making something.

You have the option to add on chocolate making for the pupils (and staff!) after the demonstration if you wish.  Popular choices include chocolate lollipops, hand rolled truffles and small painted or piped plaques.

We can supply you with details in advance so pupils can pre-design their chocolates, make boxes and label chocolates correctly if you would like us to do so. Depending on the size of your group and how long we are with you, we may also help you with some chocolate-themed art work.

We also offer stand alone hands on making sessions, skills sessions, making for special needs groups and fun activities for school boarders in the evenings.

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