An in depth look at the art of chocolate making with Cheryl Brighty, Artisan Chocolatier.  This class is suitable for individuals and groups of up to 4 people.

The duration of this class is very flexible and can range from 2 hours to an entire day depending on what you choose to do.  You also have the option of adding your choice of lunch or afternoon tea to the experience. 

Your Masterclass can include:

  • A brief introduction to how chocolate is made
  • Making a chocolate sample from roasted beans
  • A chocolate tasting
  • Making and flavouring ganache
  • Learning how to use a mould in chocolate making
  • Learning how to make piped and moulded chocolates
  • Hand rolling and dipping truffles
  • Tempering chocolates
  • Chocolate skills for cakes
  • Cake making skills
  • Chocolate sculpture techniques
  • Chocolate painting techniques
Tabliere-ing chocolate by hand

Our workshops are fully customisable, so that you can have exactly the experience you want with us. Please contact us to book a date and discuss your requirements.  If you would like to give a masterclass as a gift, we can provide you with a voucher.

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