Chocolate Workshops for Homeschoolers

Being a teacher as well as a chocolatier with an in depth knowledge of chocolate, Cheryl is well equipped to provide home schooling sessions.  She can provide hands on chocolate making and demonstrations, along with ideas for preparatory and follow on activities. Another option is a half- to full-day project-based experience.We understand that homeschoolers may wish to work in a multi-age setting with parents present and, from previous experience, we find you will get the most out of the day if you can notify us before you come of the special interests and capabilities of your children and any chocolate work they may have done before. 

Day projects usually take the form of a task, during which the children learn skills and then apply them to produce a product for a particular audience.  We use a multidisciplinary approach that can include aspects of science, art and design, history, mathematics, problem solving and English together with practical skills in chocolate making.  

An alternative option would be to make chocolates at home with the aid of one of our “chocolate survival kits“, which are accompanied by some online guidance, as a fun craft activity, or to book a teenage masterclass.

Chocolate Activities for Youth Organisations

We can provide chocolate demonstrations and hands on activities for cubs and scouts, girls and boys brigades, and we can help you to achieve your guide chocolate badge.  Another popular option is to invite us in for a parent and child chocolate making session for occasions such as Mothers’ Day.

We have worked with various groups with particular special needs and are happy to modify activities as far as possible so that everyone can join in.

"As promised, I got some feedback from the girls on Friday. The words used were “very good,” “brilliant,” “really enjoyable,” “fantastic,” “fabulous,” and one girl just said “wow!.” A couple of girls said that their picture frames were still in the fridge, as they were too good to eat!. I think we can safely say that the evening was an overwhelming success, so thank you once again for coming, and I am sure I will be in touch again!"​
Girl Guide Leader

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