Family Workshops

Family Workshops and Drop-in Chocolate Making

We are unique in that we offer chocolate making for mixed age and family groups. We have had families join us for all types of chocolate fun from sculpture to lollipop making. Many of our activities are accessible to all age groups, with everyone working at their own level. Some groups choose to work collaboratively on a single chocolate project, others all make their own individual chocolates, and we occasionally have families where everyone is making something different at the same time!

Regular all-age drop-in events include:

Advent calendar making, Easter egg making, Valentines workshops, half term children’s specials, a summer ice cream parlour and cafe days. We usually hold an event as part of the Newmarket Music Festival, which ranges from Jazz Cafe with chocolate tastings to projects where you can hear what our chocolate sounds like.  You can find details on our What’s On page.  We also advertise events on facebook, or if you want to be sure to be kept up to date then why not join our mailing list?

"I always remember the first time I brought my son to learn how to make chocolates for his Advent Calendar in Artistry to Cocoa. At the time I was 8.5 months pregnant with my daughter who is now nearly 7 and I thought it was important to have a 1 to 1 time with him. I also look for very unprocessed and natural ways to produce chocolates and it is something very important for me as a mum and as a working scientist too! Cheryl is dedicated to her work and has a passion for bringing new ideas and always so tasteful and varied ways to make chocolate so appetising and delicious! I have since each year brought the kids to the advent workshop but also for other occasions. It works out my daughter is what we can call a chocolate addict! Maybe this is why! I highly recommend Artistry in Cocoa and to indulge yourself with always tasteful and original creations you can find there that separates this place from other shops. I also love this is a couple of streets away from home in Newmarket which makes us very lucky." Thank you
Christel Veyssier

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