Chocolate is a Fusion of Chemistry and Art

Here are some of the objects we have created.

If you could make anything out of chocolate, what would it be? Football boots? Meerkats? A flower? A Ferrari? These are all requests we have received from customers looking for that extra special personalised gift in chocolate.

Chocolate sculptures, depending on their size, can be stand alone gifts (someone once requested model iron girders and rusty nails for their anaemic friend…) or put on top of our cakes as decoration. 

If you are looking for a chocolate centrepiece for your wedding that is possible too.  Some couples choose to opt for this in place of a wedding cake.  We can also make bespoke bars for weddings.

One off art works for gifts and showpieces are usually carved, moulded, painted or sculpted by hand, but if you require more than one of the same unusual shape (which is true of some of our corporate clients), we may be able to make a custom chocolate mould to meet that requirement.

 We may be able to deliver some smaller sculptures by post, depending on how complex or fragile the shape is, but collection from our Chocolate Room in Granby Street, Newmarket, is recommended.

We also offer chocolate parties and workshops centred around sculpture and painting for children and adults.

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