Bespoke Hand Crafted Luxury Chocolate Selections

We offer a wide range of gift wrapping options.  We can wrap a selection of chocolates in cellophane tied with ribbons and flowers if you wish; create you an individual box topped with silk or dried flowers, or other decorations; or package your chocolates in a gift bag, mug or glass.  The choice is yours. 

You can choose the chocolates that make up your gift, and we can even adjust them to suit your taste.  For example, we could add nuts to our truffles…make a chocolate up in single origin rather than Belgian chocolate…white chocolate instead of dark…the possibilities are endless!

We can include a paper or chocolate message and send a gift directly to the recipient, or to you if you prefer.

Due to the shelf life of our chocolates, we will ask you when you require an order so that it is received in optimum condition.  Please feel free to make an enquiry without obligation: we can help you choose if you are unsure. 


Custom Chocolates and Flavours

dark chocolate truffles

Is your palate aching for something you haven’t seen in our range?  Do you want to try something unusual as a truffle flavour, or just miss an old favourite that has gone out of fashion?  We offer the unique service of creating flavours on request.  We have fulfilled requests ranging from stilton flavoured dark chocolate truffles (for a very discerning palate), to toasted almond dark chocolate for someone who missed a flavour they couldn’t find anywhere any more.  If you have a request, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to create it: we love experimenting!

We also cater to specific dietary requirements on request.  Are you a vegan, or buying for one?  We can create the flavour you wish without using cream or milk chocolate.  Our dark chocolate is dairy free, and our water based ganaches give a deliciously clean taste without losing any of the rich flavour of our chocolate.  We now also offer a nut-based vegan milk chocolate.  All of our chocolates are also gluten free, unless specifically stated.


A note for diabetics

We stock a range of high cocoa dark and milk chocolates from which we can make chocolates for you, (bear in mind that if a  dark chocolate is described as 70% cocoa it can contain up to 30% sugar, with a milk chocolate there is usually around 20% milk added).  We can also use low GI sweeteners such as fructose, agave, or honey to make centres such as marzipans.  We do not usually add extra sugars to our truffles to preserve them (which you will find happens in many  other chocolates).

You might also enjoy our cocoa hit hot chocolate which is entirely sugar free and can be made up as an espresso type shot or a longer drink with milk or water: you can add a suitable sweetener if you require – we usually add honey.

We do not normally stock ‘diabetic’ chocolate as we have not yet found one that tastes really good.

Add a Name or a Greeting to a Chocolate Bar, Plaque, or Easter Egg

Greeting cards don’t have to just come in paper, chocolate can be a delicious alternative! We are also happy to add a paper card if you request it.

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