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Cheryl and Emily at Artistry in Cocoa with some of their chocolates.

We are a family business, based in Newmarket, Suffolk...


Chief chocolatier, recipe developer and instructor, Cheryl can be found teaching chocolate in schools, running parties, giving masterclasses, and demonstrating to all kinds of community groups. She runs tastings and corporate events in addition to making the moulds for our bespoke bars. She also runs “Chocolate Church”.

Cheryl recommends our dark high cocoa single origin chocolates, grappa truffles and marzipans; especially the raspberry and coffee and walnut ones.


At 12 years old, Emily was the youngest person in the country to have successfully completed a professional chocolate showpiece course. She is proficient at all types of chocolate making and loves working on chocolate sculptures.  She is currently studying music and is responsible for the ‘Sounds like Chocolate’ project exploring synaesthesia, taste and music. 

Emily recommends our sea salted caramel in dark chocolate, star anise truffle and ”into the woods” a minted strawberry and raspberry truffle.


Chris is our consultant engineer. When not busy with his own electronics consultancy, SDQS, Chris can be found at farmers’ markets selling chocolates, designing and fixing equipment and of course taste testing!

Chris recommends our rum and raisin chocolates and cherries in kirsch.


Back in 2002 we started Amy’s Truffles to fund Amy’s  trip to Peru.  The business developed and was renamed Artistry in Cocoa to better reflect what we do.  In the course of fundraising Amy became an expert at making chocolate brownie. Now married with her own family, she is still involved from time to time tempering chocolates and helping out when we have large events.

Amy recommends our Amaretto truffles, Christmas pudding truffles and high cocoa milk chocolate.

Our Philosophy

Fresh Chocolates
We hand-craft our chocolates from the finest fresh ingredients here in Newmarket. We use real Belgian and single origin chocolates in our traditional and innovative recipes with no artificial additives or preservatives. This means that many of our filled chocolates and truffles have a short shelf life of between two and six weeks. When you place an order we will make it up for you so can enjoy our chocolates at their best. We think you will appreciate the difference in taste and have no problem eating them sooner rather than later!
Real Chocolate
All our chocolates contain cocoa butter and no added vegetable fats or butter oils.  This gives a smooth  melt- in- the- mouth feel. Our Belgian dark chocolate is 70% cocoa as standard. Our single origin chocolates include a wide range of cocoa percentages and are chosen for their quality and diversity.
Real Ingredients
We use real liqueurs and spirits, fresh, dried and candied fruit in our recipes and only natural flower flavourings and essential oils. We think it gives a better result. We use local ingredients where we can including home grown hazelnuts, fruit and herbs, local honey, locally brewed beer and locally grown sugar.  Many of our chocolates are dairy free and vegan friendly and the majority are gluten free.
Free From
We believe that Everyone should be able to enjoy delicious chocolates and cakes even if they choose to avoid certain ingredients for whatever reason.  We work very hard to ensure that all our products meet our exacting standards for taste and quality be they vegan, dairy free, gluten free or any other free-from.  If you have special requirements please let us know and we will see what we can do. Please note that our current vegan and dairy free “milk” chocolate contains nuts.
Minimal Packaging
We use minimal packaging, most of which can be recycled,  composted or reused.
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Highly Commended: Best Independent Retailer Suffolk Food and Drink Awards 2012
Finalist Academy of Chocolate Noval Trophy 2012

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